Take the first step toward a rewarding career in Business and Information Communication Technology with Nduom School of Business and Technology degree in Business Administration which gives you a broad base of practical knowledge and the skill set to use in the industry and a hands-on experience upon which you can build a successful career.

Learn a broad range of skills from user experience to network troubleshooting to resource optimization. You’ll also develop your communication and critical-thinking skills.



    Friday, 15th June, 2024Re-Opening/Resumption for 2nd Semester
    1Week 118th June -22nd June, 2024Registration / Lectures begin
    2Week 225th June – 29th June, 2024Lectures continue
    3Week 32nd July – 6th July, 2024Lectures
    4Week 49th July – 13th July, 2024Lectures
    5Week 516th July – 20th July, 2024Lectures
    6Week 623rd July – 27th July, 2024Lectures
    7Week 730th July – 3rd August, 2024Lectures
    8Week 86th August – 10th August, 2024Ending of Lectures
    9Week 913th August – 17th August, 2024Revision Week
    10Week 1020th August – 24th August, 2024End of 2nd Semester Exams
    11Week 1127th August -2nd September, 2024Short Vacation
    3rd September, 2024Students resume for Registration/Lectures

    1Week 112th – 16th February, 2018Opening / Registration of Freshers
    2Week 219th – 23rd February, 2018Lectures begin
    3Week 326th February – 2nd March, 2018Lectures continue
    4Week 4 5th March – 9th March, 2018Lectures
    5Week 512th March – 16 March, 2018Lectures
    14th March, 2018Orientation for Freshers
    6Week 619th March – 23rd March, 2018Lectures
    7Week 726th March – 30th March, 2018Lectures
    29th March-2nd April, 2018Easter Break for staff/students
    8Week 83rd April – 6th April, 2018Lectures resume
    9Week 99th April -13th April, 2018Mid-Semester Exams
    10Week 1016th April – 20th April, 2018Lectures
    21st April, 2018Matriculation Ceremony
    11Week 1123rd April – 27th April, 2018Lectures
    12Week 1230th April – 4th May, 2018Lectures
    13Week 137th May – 11th May, 2018Ending of Lectures
    14Week 1414th May – 18th May, 2018Revision Week
    15Week 1521st May – 25th May, 2018End of Semester Exams
    16Week 1628th May – 1st June, 2018End of Semester Exams
    172nd June, 2018 – 14th June, 2018Short Vacation
    18Friday, 15th June, 2018Re-Opening/Resumption for 2nd Semester
Tuesday, 9th January, 2024Re-Opening/ Resumption for First Semester
1Week 19th Jan. – 12th Jan. 2024 Registration/ Lectures begin
2Week 215th Jan. – 19th Jan. 2024Lectures
3Week 3 22nd Jan. – 26th Jan. 2024Lectures
4Week 429th Jan. – 2nd Feb. 2024Lectures
5Week 55th Feb. – 9th Feb. 2024Lectures
6Week 612th Feb. – 16th Feb. 2024Lectures/Submission of Exams questions
7Week 7 19th Feb. – 23rd Feb. 2024 Lectures/Submission of Exams questions
8Week 8 26th Feb. – 1st Mar. 2024 Lectures/Mid-Semester Exams
9Week 94th Mar. – 8th Mar. 2024Lectures
10Week 1011th Mar. – 15th Mar. 2024Lectures
11Week 11 18th Mar. – 22nd Mar. 2024Lectures
12Week 12 25th Mar. – 29th Mar. 2024Lectures
13Week 13 1st Apr. – 5th Apr. 2024Lectures
14Week 148th Apr. – 12th Apr. 2024Revision Week
15Week 15 15th Apr. – 19th Apr. 2024End of 1st Semester Exams
16Week 16 22nd Apr. – 26th Apr. 2024End of 1st Semester Exams
27th Apr. 2024Vacation